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Manta Ray Snorkel

Quick Details


Kona Manta Ray Snorkel

Regarded by the Travel Channel as one of the most thrilling experiences on earth, join us as we watch magnificent manta rays glide through the ocean in search of dinner! They can weigh more than 1,000 lbs and span more than 15 feet! Don’t worry, manta rays only filter feed on plankton.

Our manta ray night snorkel experience is an activity that can only be had in a few locations on earth; one of them is here on the Big Island of Hawaii. You’re unlikely to find another activity that provides an incredible adrenaline rush while being very safe and low risk! Manta ray snorkeling will give you an unforgettable sensation. It is both humbling and awe-inspiring.

Guests will join us on a short Hawaiian canoe ride out to the manta ray snorkel site located near the mouth of Keauhou Bay. We then provide a safety brief, instructions on how to use snorkel gear, and fit the group with wet suit tops to keep you warm in the water. Guests will then be guided into the water by our crew members and positioned along the perimeter of our Light Board. While guests watch for manta rays, we keep the Light Board in position. Guests simply hang on to the handles and effortlessly float, face down, with the help of floatation devices. The powerful lights attract photosynthetic plankton towards the group, and the manta rays come in search of the plankton! We will reposition the group as needed for optimal manta ray viewing!

Additional Information

  • Select a date & time to see rates.
  • Minimum of two guests to confirm a booking. Solos are welcome!
  • Check-in 15 minutes before departure at the Keauhou finger pier/dock.
  • The first manta ray trip departs between 7:00pm and 7:30pm (dependent on bookings).
  • Trips are approx. 50-60 minutes.
  • Wetsuit tops and flotation devices provided.
  • Snorkel and masks (normal and Rx) provided.
  • All necessary safety equipment is easily accessible on the canoe and discussed in the safety briefing.

What to Bring

  • Towel
  • Windbreaker or sweater
  • Rash guard (if you get cold, as an extra layer under the wetsuit)
  • Motion sickness medication (take before your trip if you tend to get motion sick or seasick)
  • Waterproof camera (video is generally better than photos in low light)

Where to check in

Check in is at the Keauhou Bay finger pier at the very end of Kaleiopapa St. Park along Kaleiopapa St. As you walk toward the end of the street toward the water, pass the boat ramp (on your left), follow the rock wall (on your right), and you will come to a small 10-car parking lot and a pier (on your left). Keep a lookout for the yellow and black, double-hull canoe at the finger pier!