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Manta Ray Snorkel

The only manta ray snorkel destination in the US!

Quick Details


Manta Ray Night Snorkel in Kona

Regarded by the Travel Channel as one of the most thrilling experiences on Earth, join us as we watch magnificent manta rays glide through the ocean in search of dinner! They can weigh more than 1,000 lbs and span more than 15 feet! Don’t worry; manta rays only filter feed on plankton.

Our manta ray night snorkel experience is an activity that can only be had in a few locations around the world; one of them is here on the Big Island of Hawaii. You’re unlikely to find another activity providing an incredible adrenaline rush while being safe and low-risk! Manta ray snorkeling will give you an unforgettable sensation. It is both humbling and awe-inspiring.

Why choose Eka Canoe Adventures?

You have your pick of many providers for manta ray snorkeling. Why choose us?

  • The manta rays are family. We call them by name, respect their space, and educate our visitors.
  • Our small group sizes (<13) enable our crew to assist each guest, answer questions, and calm nerves.
  • Our professional crew has eyes on you and your family at all times.
  • Each seat is its own space; we don’t pack you in like sardines.
  • We move freely from our canoe to find optimal manta viewing. Big groups can’t easily do that.
  • The whole group can hear instructions and manta ray education during the experience.
  • Loading/unloading takes just a few minutes, giving you more time for the good stuff.
  • We launch from Keauhou Pier, just a 5-minute ride to and from the snorkeling site.
  • You’ll only be cold and wet for a few minutes after the snorkel before you’re back at your car.
  • Our tour still includes as much snorkeling time as others, but you’ll have the rest of your evening.
  • Multiple tours per night often means we have last-minute booking options.
  • Glimpse how ancient Hawaiians navigated vast oceans as you ride in our traditional double-hull canoe.

What to expect

Guests will join us on a 5-10 minute ride on our Hawaiian double-hull canoe to the manta ray snorkel site near the mouth of Keauhou Bay (1/4 mile from the pier). Your professional guides will provide a safety briefing, instructions on using snorkel gear, and fit the group with wet suit tops to keep you warm in the water. Guests will then be guided into the water and positioned along the perimeter of our Light Board. A professional guide will be in the water with guests at all times! While guests watch for manta rays, we keep the Light Board in position. Simply hang on to the handles and effortlessly float, face down, with the help of the provided floatation devices. The powerful lights attract photosynthetic plankton toward the group, and the manta rays come in search of the plankton! We will reposition the group as needed for optimal manta ray viewing!

No providers in Kona offer free swimming or snorkeling with the manta rays. All guests will hold onto a Light Board. The stationary and concentrated light is your best chance to attract manta rays while keeping everyone safe.

Parking is limited (but free of charge). Allow an extra 10 minutes to find parking and walk to your check-in location at the pier! See the link below (or the Reach Us tab) for details.

How to have a great time snorkeling with the manta rays!

  • Maintain good vibes – Positive energy attracts more mantas. Being pleasant doesn’t hurt either way
  • Remember that manta rays are wild – They are not trained or human-fed. Numbers may vary
  • Listen to your crew – They will fully prepare you. Please handle your texts and camera setup on land
  • Relax and enjoy – Truly. You will hang on to the light board and simply float. Being tense makes you tired
  • Arrive on time for your check-in – We genuinely want you with us, but we won’t ruin it for the others

Additional Information

  • To book, select a date & time on the calendar to the right
  • Check-in 15 minutes before departure at the Keauhou finger pier/dock
  • Tours are 50-60 minutes while still including as much snorkel time as other providers
  • Wetsuit tops and flotation devices are provided
  • Snorkel, masks (normal and Rx), and instructions are provided
  • All necessary safety equipment is easily accessible on the canoe and discussed in the safety briefing
  • Guests will step from the pier directly to the canoe and will only get wet if they are snorkeling
  • Bathrooms/Restrooms are available at the harbor and close around 8 pm
  • You should be able to float/swim unassisted and climb a short ladder back into the canoe unassisted

What to Bring

  • Towel
  • Windbreaker or sweater
  • Rash guard/extra T-shirt (for guests who chill easily, as an extra layer under the wetsuit top)
  • Motion sickness medication (as needed; take 30-60 min before the tour starts)
  • Waterproof camera (video is generally better than photos in these low-light conditions)
  • A tote or backpack to hold your belongings

Where to check-in

Click the link below for directions and maps. Check-in is at the Keauhou Bay finger pier at the very end of Kaleiopapa St. Park along Kaleiopapa St. As you walk toward the end of the street toward the water, pass the boat ramp (on your left), follow the rock wall (on your right), and you will come to a small 10-car parking lot and a pier. Look for the yellow and black double-hull canoe at the finger pier! Please allow an extra 10 minutes to find parking and walk to the check-in location!


Cancellation Policy

  • You may cancel for a full refund up to 24 hours prior to your tour start time (if booking through our website). Policies vary if you book through a third party. Book directly with us here for the most flexibility.
    • This is a strict policy to allow our team and partners a small window to attempt to fill seats from last-minute cancellations. We appreciate your understanding.
    • You may still cancel without a refund at any time within the 24 hours leading up to your tour.
  • Eka Canoe Adventures may cancel a tour if the captain deems the ocean/weather conditions unsafe. A rebook or refund will be offered as quickly as possible. Notification will be via phone call + voicemail and/or through the booking email address.

Our Manta Ray Guarantee

  • Please remember that these manta rays are completely wild animals. They are not fed or trained. Eka Canoe Adventures cannot guarantee their presence. We are very good at spotting manta rays and providing our guests with the best manta viewing experience possible.
  • In the unlikely event that we do not spot a manta ray on your tour, our Manta Ray Guarantee will ensure you have another opportunity to come back for another attempt on a different evening or on a future visit to Kona, Hawai’i (pending available seats).
  • Please note that seating may be limited at certain times during the year, so we encourage guests to book a manta ray snorkel early in their visit to offer the most availability for a second snorkel.
  • Even if the manta rays take a night off, our operating costs do not. Because of this, we are unable to offer refunds for tours where manta rays were not seen; only another chance to snorkel with them. This is true for any manta ray snorkel provider in Kona. We greatly appreciate your understanding!