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Eka Canoe Adventures

Kona Coast Adventures & Tours on the Big Island of Hawaii

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Experience the Crowned Lands of Keauhou like Royalty!

About Us

Eka Canoe Adventures is the most unique way to experience the Hawaiian waters along the Kona Coastline.

Aboard a recreated, historically accurate, 40 ft Hawaiian double-hulled sailing canoe, Wa’a Kini Kini, your experienced crew shares generations of knowledge in an old Hawaiian way, “story telling.”

Guests are invited to paddle, sail or just kick back and enjoy their journey through history.

5-Star Keauhou Adventures

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Loved this excursion!

"This was a great excursion (manta ray snorkel). Very small group, we saw some very cool manta rays up close and personal! The team kept us informed and safe. Highly recommend!"

– Krista H., Tripadvisor
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Jumping fish!

"Extremely friendly and knowledgeable crew. Experience of a lifetime. Inspired to donate to/support work that conserves out oceans!!! Kalani kept us laughing."

– Riana M., Tripadvisor
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Great trip

"We had a great time on the manta ray snorkel. The manta rays got super close and it was really amazing to see! The boat we went out on was a cool traditional Hawaiian boat! Everyone was very nice, and we had a great time!"

– Megan D., Tripadvisor
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Fantastic swim with Manta Rays

"The crew at Eka Canoe Adventures helped create an amazing experience. Night swimming with Manta Rays is a super fun and rewarding experience. Eka built a cool craft and made for a great night."

– Mike C., Tripadvisor
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Great experience

"Our night swim with the manta rays was a tick off the bucket list. The group was small and intimate. The staff were really friendly and explained everything to us really well. We were able to sight the manta rays at least 8 times. Glad I chose this company."

– Monique S., Tripadvisor
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A night to remember

"Great experience! We enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and a very friendly attitude! And of course, the Manta Rays!"

– Anni, Tripadvisor